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Plan HR launches operations this week, embarking on a journey of modernization and philanthropy

Plan HR

2 Apr 2024

Plan HR focuses on the future of Human Resources and a commitment to doing good.

Plan HR, a female-founded boutique Human Resources consultancy, is set to launch operations this week. Their focus on AI and real-world business outcomes aims to disrupt traditional HR practices. In today's business landscape, where technology and social responsibility take center stage, Plan HR will be a force for change.


Committed to its mission, Plan HR will offer pro bono services to qualifying non-profits and donate 10% of its first-year profits to charity, supplementing its participation in the Pledge 1% movement. The firm is not just reimagining Human Resources; it's shaping its future while giving back to local communities. This philanthropic approach reflects Plan HR's core values of social responsibility and community engagement.


Driven by a team with experience supporting Fortune 100 companies, large non-profits, and startups alike, Plan HR is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of today's evolving business climate, embracing innovation while leaving outdated practices behind.

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